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A professional and skillful process of packing quality apples distinguishes Applewood Orchards. Our 2003 investment into the latest packing line equipment has enabled our graders and packers to pack apples with precision size, color, and condition. This new line makes us even more effective in packing a value proposition apple for your specific needs from the most gleaming tray pack to the ideal bag fruit for your market.
Safe origin well water is used to wash and sanitize the fruit with metered ppm chlorine and buffer.
Employees are trained and practiced in thorough hand washing.
Pest and rodent prevention is practiced in the packing house.
We adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP).
Applewood Orchards voluntarily participates in independent quality assurance audits with Primus Laboratories.
Shellac based food grade wax is utilized for the safest and most effective finish on our apples.

Applewood Orchards packing line enables…
Clean wholesome apples
Effective drying of fruit before waxing
Thorough brushing of the fruit to maximize the qualities of the apple finish
Precise color sort to assure the color grade promised in trays or bags
Precise size sort to attain the uniformity required per pack
PLU labels applied in concert with all produce electronic identification board (PEIB) number listings by variety, size and region
Applewood Orchards maintains all necessary packaging to pack for diverse customers…
Consumer bags of all sizes including label options and definitive UPC bar codes
Conventional corrugate containers
Euro tray corrugate containers
Display ready corrugate (DRC) open or with telescoping lid
Returnable plastic containers (RPC) and placard case labels
Pallet inventory of standard hardwood or CHEP
Tri-wall corrugate bins in optional designs or safety prints
Private label facilitation

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